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Letter from Ed: Managing Family Succession and Intergenerational Differences  - Pallet Enterprise founder, Ed Brindley, shares his thoughts on selecting a successor for your business, generational differences in family businesses and executing an effective family succession plan.  [Topic:General Advice]

Customized Solution from AIT and Pallet Machinery Group Leads to Operational Success at North Star Pallets - Custom Solutions: More than just production speed is important to have a truly efficient operation. Pallet Machinery Group and Automated Industrial Technologies team up to design a new circular resaw for North Star Pallets. This innovative design meets the four key aspects of smart production. Plus a full review of live equipment to be demonstrated at EXPO Richmond. [Topic:Equipment, Products & Services]

Family Feud: How a Buy-Sell Agreement Can Save Your Family Business  - Family Feud: Conflicts inevitably arise when family businesses attempt to accommodate personal goals to the demands of the enterprise. Well-designed buy-sell agreements can help resolve clashes that might prove costly to the bottom line or cause a dissolution of the enterprise. [Topic:General Advice]

Waste Not, Want Not: The Case for Roadmapping Your Wood Scrap  - Road Mapping Waste: Finding value in wood scrap by conducting analysis on your waste streams and processes to optimize your wood utilization and reduce costs.  [Topic:Wood Fiber Case Studies (Grinding, Chipping, Etc)]

Problem Solvers - Pallet Repair Systems designs custom integrated conveying system for pallet tear down operation. [Topic:Recycling]

Markets in Transition: Omni-channel Supply Chain Packaging What Does It Mean for Pallets - Omni-channel retail strategy is the latest buzzword for the U.S. supply chain. How might this trend impact palletization and packaging design? Columnist, Rick LeBlanc, discusses these and other considerations.  [Topic:Unit Load]

Coming into Focus: Software Enhancements Make PDS Even More Valuable to Customers  - New software that interacts with the Pallet Design System makes this industry standard tool even more valuable for unit load specifications and fastener assessment.  [Topic:Equipment, Products & Services]

Idea Box: Develop Leaders for Long-Term Growth and Success  - Cultivating leaders: All levels of workers can develop skills and attitudes that give a company a larger pool of workers qualified to step into new roles and achieve more sustainable long-term growth. [Topic:General Advice]

You Said It - Sam Donadio, president of Power Pallet, answers questions from the Pallet Enterprise about working in the industry. [Topic:General Advice]

Dickerson Lumber Makes Significant Move by Cleaning Blades with BioLube - Lube It Right: Proper blade lubrication can make all the difference in preventing blade cracks and wear problems. Dickerson Lumber reveals how BioLube has become its secret to efficient operation even in cold weather situations.  [Topic:Sawmill Case Studies]

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